Dating Habibi \ حبيبي للتعارف – Arabic Dating

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Dating Habibi \ حبيبي للتعارف – Arabic Dating

Speed Dating

* Who’s Nearby?

*Meeting Vegetarians and Vegans
Dating Arab Europe is the first dating application that allows vegetarians and vegans to find the people who are right for them.
A lot of vegans and vegetarians prefer dating people that have the same eating habits, this is why we added a vegan/vegetarian option to the search filters so that they can also enjoy the application and meet someone who is just right for them.

* Match by Personality characteristics
This original, interesting and unique feature allows you to find the best matches for you based on personality characteristics so that you could start dating smarter. In this feature each member can present others a numbers original questions and the possible answers. The question can be based on personal preferences,
* Match by Looks
This feature is very similar to “Match by Personality” except with looks. You simply choose “yes” or “no” when being shown images and if someone you like likes you back you get an open chat window so you can talk.

* Following
This features gives users the ability to add profiles they’re interested in as “favorites” so that they can view and chat with them without having to search for them again and again.

* Black List
If a user is not interested in receiving more messages from a certain user, they can be blocked with one easy click.

* Liked Me
Another small feature that lets you see who liked you so that you can contact them.

* Viewed Me
Lets you see who viewed your profile

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